Dr. Luis Hines CEO


Being a USPTA Pro for over 15 years, I collaborate with athletes (children and adults) to enhance their performance.

I enjoy working with all people from all “walks of life”. I enjoy working with people who experience depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, emotional pain and/or damage and feelings of hopelessness.

Whether you would like to seek coaching or therapy, I strongly believe that it is an investment worth your time, considering that the outcome is invaluable and positively transformative-- life does not simply entail being alive! Together we can make it happen. I offer perspectives that are easy to understand which aid in implementing healthy habits and a positive lifestyle.

You also may know me from my role as a Relationship Therapist on the Reality TV Show, Jim and Chrissy Vow or Never in 2016. 

I was also featured in another Reality TV show as a Reality Therapist. Please visit the following link to watch the video:

Thank you for taking the time to learn about who I am and what I am about. Please feel free to call the office and schedule an appointment. I have open availability and am accepting new patients.

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