Medication Refill


During your office visits, please obtain enough refills until your next office visit. If you have requested a refill and have not seen your psychiatrist or nurse practitioner within 60 days, we will NOT refill your Medication. Please call the office and set up an appointment. Do not wait until the last minute before requesting refills on medications.

To expedite the process, make sure that you have had an office visit within 60 days or this can delay your refills. Best option: Request enough refills during your office visit and make an appointment to follow up for refills before you run out of your routine medication.

To help us provide the best medical care for you and your family, it is best not to wait until you are out of medication before requesting a refill. Please be proactive in these requests so there is not a risk of being without your necessary medications.

Please complete request with the following information:

Form with: Patient name: date of birth and pharmacy And Insurance.

Email request goes to: [email protected]

If the Medical Assistant does not respond to your email in 24 hours please email the Office Manager

Ms. Stella Diez [email protected]

Request maybe declined. Please call the receptionist and schedule appointment for a follow up.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Luis Hines and Associates, P.A.